This Saturday I’ll be knitting with the Tejedoras Puce-lanas

A while ago I posted about knitting in Spain and my impressions of doing this craft as a foreigner and a man in this country. Well, I must say that I’m very excited to finally knit socially. I’ll be joining the group Tejedoras Puce-lanas (a play on words, a “pucelana” is from Valladolid and “lana” means wool). I am wicked excited to join a group of knitters who love the craft as much as I do.

I think now I have myself pretty well set up in Spain as a knitter the way I want it! I’ve fulfilled all of my goals: find where to get the good yarns, learn how to read and write patterns in Spanish, knit stuff for my Spanish friends and family, and share the craft socially with a group of wonderful and inviting people.

I’m going to bring my Jaywalker socks I’m working on to the knitting gathering.



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