It’s always a happy day when you finish a sweater!

Today I finished the blue wishbone cable sweater. The pattern is from Knitting Beautiful Classics, a book published by Classic Elite. I’m going to wash it, dry it, and put it in a gift box for the wearer’s Christmas present.

All I had to do today was finish the collar. I bound it off with the Decrease Bind Off. I found this bind off in Cap Sease’s Cast on, Bind off  but, if you’d like to learn the bind off you can just follow the link I inserted. The nice thing about this bind off is that it is stretchy, so it’s great for collars. I usually like to use a sewn bind off or the tubular method but I decided to try something new. I’ll use it again in the future. It’s very neat and stretches well enough. I’m very happy with how the collar came out, actually!
I think this sweater also proves that it is possible to make attractive cables with synthetic yarn. All that is necessary is to find a good quality yarn and pick the pattern carefully.
On the other hand, I am also relieved. I won’t have to make synthetic garments for a very long time!


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