More than halfway through a cabled sweater!

Today the temperatures have dropped enough for me to get going on that sweater I never seem to work on. A week ago when I had a day of better temperatures I finished the front piece of it. So far I have the front, back, and half a sleeve done.

Not only has the weather cooperated with me. The sun is shining brightly and I managed to get a good detailed photo of the cables and the ribbing. Natural, bright light, by the way, are the best ingredients for good photography of fabrics. 
As you can see, the pattern is pretty basic. Chunky yarn is knit into braids alternated with big wishbone cables. It’s a drop shoulder “boxy” sweater without much shaping. The pattern is from a Classic Elite book I didn’t know I had. The yarn, I’m sorry to say, is not what I like to work with. However, the wearer wanted a synthetic sweater so that’s what he’s getting. I did manage to find a good synthetic yarn that holds chunky cables. It’s called “Alaska” and it’s manufactured by Katia. I must say that this is the last time I work with synthetics for clothing for a very long time. If anyone else asks me for an all synthetic wearable anything I’m just going to put my foot down and say “absolutely not.” The mosaic blanket is the only project I want to have going that is acrylic.
Anyway, you might note from my photo that I have long ends of yarn. I’ll tell you why: when I start a new ball of yarn on a sweater I always start it on the end of a row. The long strands hanging there will be used for seaming. This means I’ll have a sweater with no ends woven into the wrong side because they’re all hidden in the seams! Another tip: it’s a good idea to block the parts of a sweater as you finish them. That’s what I’ve done. Sewing them together will be much easier and neater for me because my selvedge edges are tidy. By the way, for this sweater I chose to use a garter stitch selvedge edge. If you want or need to learn how to seam garter stitch together try this back issue of Knitty or watch this helpful YouTube video.


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