It’s been way too hot today

The summer heat today has not permitted me to knit away on my “Jaywalker” socks because my hands get sweaty. Yuck.

So instead I worked on a curtain. This project is going to take a very long time, I think. Here’s how it’s coming along so far:

As you can see, it’s a filet crochet pattern. The photo is yucky but it illustrates some of my progress. Filet crochet with cotton thread requires a lot of patience, especially with a big chart such as this one. The pattern will start to reveal itself better when I get halfway up the chart. By the way, the chart is from the Antique Pattern Library. Here it is:
It’s from page 8 of Augusta Pfeuffer’s Filet Crochet and How to Use It. It’s a very vintage pattern, from 1917. One of the irritating things about vintage patterns is that the charts don’t include numbers. I printed my copy and wrote the row numbers up the side of the chart. If you’d like to work with this chart I can help you out: it’s 90 squares wide. 
The fun involved in looking at and working from vintage patterns far outweighs the nuisances for me.
This whole chart alone will not be the curtain. My thoughts right now are that this filet crochet pattern will sit horizontally across the bottom section of the curtain. Using some colorful crochet thread I think I want to crochet a border around it and then knit lace above it. I’m thinking that I can pick up and knit from the top portion of the crochet border so that I won’t have to sew any pieces together. We’ll see if my master plan works (in five years when I finish the filet crochet chart?).
Perhaps this curtain will become part of a “mythical creatures” theme to decorate my bedroom. I could knit a reversible throw blanket with dragons on it, make some crocheted pillowcases, knit some throw pillows, etc.
If you want to learn to filet crochet there’s plenty of help at About’s crochet page.


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