It’s too hot to knit anything else

Here in Valladolid, Spain it’s wicked hot. Today it’s 88 degrees F (that’s 31 Celsius). Tomorrow it’s going to be 97 degrees F (36 Celsius). Yesterday it was much cooler and I had an hour to knit. Now I’m wishing I had worked on a sweater. Today I wanted to dedicate my knitting hour to the sweater but instead decided to work on another sock.

I suppose it’s fine to make socks. I’ll be ready for Fall. Besides, the pattern I’m following is pretty cool.

“Jaywalker” by Grumperina. It’s one of those patterns I’ve been thinking about making and have put off. I should have started it when I saw it! The zig-zag pattern adapts nicely to self-striping or variegated yarn. As pictured, I’m using Rowan “Fine Art,” which is a hand painted variegated yarn made of a wool, silk, and nylon blend. It looks complicated, right? It’s actually not. The main stitch pattern is a two row repeat! This will be traveling with me on the bus, train, and so on because in less than three repeats I had the stitch pattern memorized. This is a free pattern available on Ravelry. I will make these a lot in the future, I think! I have two more hanks of Rowan “Fine Art” and with one of them I wanted to make up my own sock pattern. I guess with the other I’ll be knitting some more Jaywalkers.

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