My very first design: Sevillian Bas-relief

I made up my own pair of socks. I call them “Sevillian Bas-relief” because I became intrigued by a photo I took in Seville of a patio inside the city’s cathedral. I asked myself “How could I knit some of those flat stone sculptures?” It took me a lot of trial and error and several sheets of graph paper to get it just right. Here’s what my socks look like:

I knit these with La lana del cigno nero “Punto,” a light DK 100% virgin wool yarn that I happen to love working with.  Using US size 0 (2mm) dpns I got a gauge of 7 stitches per inch.
The cable panel on the instep is made without a cable needle. Instead, it uses twist stitches. The heel flap is knit in eye of partridge stitch. The cuff is made with K1P1 twisted rib.
I decided to put the pattern on Ravelry. It is available for purchase for US $3 here. If you’d like more info on the pattern just follow that link. The pattern is written in both English and Spanish as is the description on the Ravelry page for the pattern. Some day I’ll make this blog bilingual as well.
I’ve learned a lot from writing up a design for the first time. First of all, I learned how to make knitting charts with Excel. I also learned a lot about knitting terms in Spanish that I did not know about. I took about a hundred different pictures and selected the best ones for the pattern, so I also learned a ton about how to photograph my knitting. Above all, I discovered that I really like the creative process of designing knitted items. I will no doubt continue to design. I had no idea I had such a creative spirit inside of me!


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