Hey, dude! Did you read that knitting magazine?

Knitting magazines from a male knitter’s perspective: it’s not really marketed towards him.

As a matter of fact, all year long Creative Knitting Magazine hasn’t published a single pattern for a man’s garment. The summer edition of Interweave Knits has one lonely sweater pattern for a man. Knitsy, a brand new digital magazine for knitters and crocheters, does not have much for men, either in its first issue and it assumes the reader is a woman. Knitty usually does a good job of providing a variety of patterns for men and women. Men and women contribute to the magazine.

Considering that Knitty is a free magazine men who knit and crochet might think that it’s not worth paying for another magazine.

Male fiber enthusiasts, here’s why I pay for two knitting magazine subscriptions that don’t have a whole lot that could be called “male oriented:”

1) I don’t expect knitting and crochet magazines to be marketed towards men. The vast majority of knitters are women. I can live with that.

2) I like to make stuff for women since I have friends and family who like my knitting. If I have patterns for women I can make something a woman will like to use or wear. Reading about what is in style for women helps me come up with designs for the women in my life as well.

3) It’s fun and challenging to use a pattern for women to transform it into something for a man to wear. I get a lot of my ideas from the magazines. For example: the Vertex Cardigan by Carol Feller from the Spring issue of Interweave Knits is awesome and can be adapted for a man. Yes, yes, I know, the model in the picture is a woman. However, the way the sweater is shaped and constructed is very cool. I can imagine myself wearing this cardigan in a “manly” color, perhaps knit at a slightly bigger gauge with some sort of tweed or rough cotton and long sleeves. Add some button holes and buttons if you want, or perhaps a cord to tie and presto! A dude sweater! This sweater is actually one that I plan on making for myself some day. I actually like it more than the only dude sweater in the Summer issue, the Crosstrees Cardigan by Meghan Jones. I like the cardigan enough, but I feel more enthusiastic about an altered version of the other one.

4) I like the articles that don’t necessarily include patterns. I usually learn something new from them or they inspire me to try out something. Creative Knitting Magazine, Interweave Knits, and Knitty all have excellent articles about techniques, yarn, and other creativity-focused material. Each presents the information in different ways.

5) A magazine subscription is like a gift that gives over and over. My favorite thing is actually to get a new issue of a magazine. Any magazine, not just knitting magazines.

6) It’s fun to sometimes flip through a new issue and look at the pictures without reading anything.

For these reasons a subscription to a knitting magazine is worth the price for me. Most important for me is that it inspires my creativity.


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