Simple stuff is way more fun than I thought!

I started working on a sweater with big huge cables a month ago and it’s still not done because somehow my style has radically changed. All my knitting life I’ve knitted one item at a time, never starting a new project until one project was completely finished (I know, I was weird, right?).

Two weeks ago, when I started the front of that sweater, I had the sudden urge to go out and see what yarns were on sale because I was getting tired of whipping out the cable needle every seven rows. I found some yarn from France (Bergere de France Jaspee), loved the discounted price (70% off!), and bought up a bunch of it despite the fact that I mistrusted the fact that it was a wool/acrylic blend. I made one scarf for myself with it. The other balls of yarn will be used for scarves for other people.
I decided to make a scarf for myself because I realized that I needed something kind of plain to go with any of my winter gear. I wear all kinds of crazy knitted stuff but there are times when plain is more appropriate. Here is the finished result:
Yup. I decided to knit up a two-sided scarf using the good old slip stitch tubular method. One side is the color “Lamantin” and the other is “Caiman.” It was very fun to make up my own scarf with plain in mind. In the end, it’s not too terribly plain. First of all, the colors on both sides were fun to work with because they vary. I mixed it up a little and swapped the “A” and “B” colors for a little stripe at the bottom of each end and side. I have a black coat. I have a brown coat. I have an olive green coat. This scarf goes with all three in harmonious happiness.
So now, after years of knitting, I have entered knitting normality and like to have two things going. I know, I know, many knitters have ten things going at once. For me it’s a matter of having something technically challenging going (like cables) and another project that is quick and simple. There is nothing more relaxing and easy than spending an hour with slip 1 knit 1 and slip 1 purl 1. Really!
So now I’m working on a plain old pair of ribbed socks that I’m having lots of fun knitting (see the banner image at the top). For those curious, the pattern for the socks is available on and it is called “Basic Ribbed Socks.” Of course, I’m very happy to return to my good old-fashioned 100% wool to make these socks! I have to admit, though, wool blends aren’t so bad to work with, at least not as bad when they’re good quality blends like the yarn I used for my scarf. I’m looking forward to using the other balls of yarn I scored to make other scarves for next Christmas (or for birthdays).
Which brings me to my conclusion: knitting simple stuff “on the side” has proven way more fun than I would have ever dreamed of. I’m wondering if perhaps people I know would appreciate such a basic handmade scarf as mine as a gift. I’m thinking of people who hate wearing cables, fancy colorwork, etc. I think other people in my life who have never received a homemade knitted gift from me – because I know they wouldn’t appreciate it – might just like something like this. If I ever have some free time and nothing else better to do, perhaps those people will be lucky enough to have one some day!

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